Front Office at a Glance

Compatible in Any Country

The solution is available in English and can be translated into any other language.

Multiple Seller Storefronts

Sellers create their storefront with personal branding tools.

Tons of Promotional Tools

Create and manage promotional codes. Fixed amount discount or a percentage of the purchase, with or without limitations.

Advanced Template Management

Templates are entirely customizable. Use our provided templates or create your own.

Themed Product Selections

Group related products in themed selections to increase the customer’s cart.

Operator Mode

Interact with product categories, create patches, manage pictures, group related products and much more, all from the front office.

Back Office at a Glance

Merchant Commission Calculation

Set commission per merchant. Commission amount as percentage of total cart of command after promotion.

Merchant & Admin Back Offices

Merchants can manage their products and sales, while the Administrator can monitor all of the transactions and accounts on the site.

User Credit Management

Allows users to pay for products with credit instead of using currency.

Complaint Management

Merchant and customer communication post-transaction to find complaint solutions, such as reshipment of the product or reimbursement.

Technical Features at a Glance

Easy Catalog Integration

Import product catalogs through merchant and administrator back offices, with API’s and crawlers for Magento, Shopify, and Prestashop.

Extensible Software

Add our modules or create your own to modify your marketplace without ever touching the core solution.

Mobile Apps

Easily link your mobile app to our software using an API.

Online Tech Support

Complete user guides, demo tutorials, a live chat, a forum and an FAQ are at your disposal. Communicate directly with core developers. 

Cache Management

Apply cache in several ways: lazy, in-memory, or shared cache.

Language & Environment

Written in C# on the .NET framework.

Front Office Features

Front Office

Our solution provides a high-performance front office: complete, highly customizable and ready to use.

New templates coming soon

Create your own

Link your existing front office with API

Home Page

You don’t need to have technical skills to optimize your marketplace content. Our solution provides an efficient front office experience that makes organizing your product catalogs easy.

Navigate by keywords and advanced filters to facilitate your customer’s browsing experience.

Listing Your Products

Our solution ensures a powerful product listing.

You can easily display your products with recommended products, categories, and dynamic filters.

Featured Product Selections

Create captivating product selections using the front office operating tools.

For more visibility, share your recommended product selections on social networks!

The Product Page

Product pages can be edited directly from the front office.

Create a fully customizable product model, manage all your product data, add advanced attributes and set up promotions.

Cross Selling

Activate cross-selling and boost your sales!

On a product page, cross selling will offer more products to your customer in relation with his profile. Relations between products and profiles can be done manually or automatically.

Seller Storefronts

Sellers and brands can operate from their very own dedicated and customizable storefront.

Wish List

A wishlist is easily accessible to users so they can easily save and favorite products they like for future reference or purchase.

Cart and Checkout Process

5 customizable steps to check out.

Pay directly on the MarketPlace using secured SSL or through gateway websites.

Payment Gateways

Easily integrate any payment module of your choice into the solution.

Already integrated are: Ogone, Paybox, Be2bill, Paypal, Wire transfer, Mercanet, Atos, Check and user credits management.

Merchant Back Office Features

Manage Your Business

Our solution provides a personal back office to each merchant to manage their catalog and communicate with their customers.

Merchants create their own profile with their contact details and bank information, visible only to the administrator.

Manage Products and Offers

Each merchant will be able to create, modify and delete his products and offers from his backoffice dashboard. A product page contains the pictures and the description of the goods whereas the offer contains the price, the quantity and the shipping cost.

Any modification made from the merchant back office has to be approved by the administrator of the MarketPlace to be visible online.

Sales & Payments

From this section, merchants can easily manage their sales.

They will have access to the details of their customers’ orders and they will be able to follow every step of the payment process.


Because building a strong customer relationship is vital, sellers and buyers will be able to communicate with each other from the platform.

In case a customer is not satisfied, he or she will be able to send a complaint to the seller concerned. The merchant can react right away by refunding or resending the product, for example.

Operator Mode Features

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 14.10.17

Easy Arrangement Your Marketplace

Operator mode, accessible from the front office, allows easy access to the organization and modification of the products, catalogs, selections, and more on the marketplace.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.36.19


Create product categories, move products between them and link categories together.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.35.02


Create & edit product selections for holidays or promotions

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.46.16

Patches & Descriptions

Add patches to products and edit their descriptions

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 14.06.44


Operator mode dashboard is used to organize the presentation of the front office.

Administrator Back Office Features


The Administrator Back Office gives you an instant global view of your MarketPlace activity.

From the dashboard, you can easily keep an eye on your in-process orders, the evolution of your turnover, and your customer’s favorite products.


Manage all your client’s orders and follow their progress.

Advanced statistics per merchant are provided. In this way, based on the percentage of orders shipped/cancelled, you can evaluate your merchants and configure alerts if needed.”

Product Catalogs

Create, modify, delete or import your merchant’s catalogs to your MarketPlace using our crawlers. The common crawler extracts XML and CSV files and the dedicated crawler extracts

Use Alternative Navigations

The development of featured product selections will structure your website and make browsing a more enjoyable experience. The use of cross-selling will expand your offer and encourage your customers to add more products to their cart. Categorizing the different brands will create targeted themes and atmospheres on the site.

Create Product Categories

You can link up merchant categories with the categories you set for your marketplace using a tab called “unknown categories”. You can find more information about this in our user guides.

Organize Your Products & Your Offers

The product page contains the pictures and the descriptions of the goods, whereas the offer contains the price, the quantity and the shipping cost. One product can be offered mulitple times by different sellers. If a customer is looking at one product and wants to bargain hunt, you can organize the offers in order of price to let the buyer compare.


The solution includes about thirty modules, payment methods, and promotional events. You can also extend the marketplace functionalities using your own modules.


Give a brand image to your website by selecting your merchants according to your own criteria. Temper the comments on products and on merchants.


Reach a bigger audience and stimulate your sales through promotional events! Create promotional codes, private sales, and keep them up to date with newsletters.


As the administrator, you will have access to every customer and merchant account. Through the back office, you can keep up with their orders and complaints. You can also easily manage the commissions per seller.


You can manage all of the delivery methods and zones of delivery.

Follow the various transactions happening and pay your merchants by transfering the amount that the customers paid less your commission.


Configure your MarketPlace by managing patch and EAV attributes. These allow you to add characteristics to your products without modifying the database.

You can also set up planned tasks to be executed by “jobs”. You will have access to the history of all the actions performed on the MarketPlace.

Use and manage our API to link your MarketPlace to other supports.

Import Catalogs and Third Party Software Integration

There are three differents ways to import catalogs onto your MarketPlace: API, crawlers, or manual update.

We provide modules for Prestashop, Magento and Shopify to let merchants easily and automatically export their catalogs to your marketplace. Use these three methods to update product data, product pictures, prices, promotions and stocks.


Our API provides an XML/JSON REST endpoint, with methods to create and update product catalogs, orders, cart, users, categories & delivery. It is mostly used by large retailers or product feed managers.


Generic crawlers are already built into the solution and ready to integrate catalogs from major e-commerce solutions.
Develop dedicated crawlers to integrate any merchant catalogs to your marketplace, whatever the format is.

Through Merchant Back Office

For small catalogs or for merchants who cannot export their catalog at XML/CSV format, it can be done manually in the merchant back office using a form.

Why Opensource?

We prefer to provide a part of our solution in Open Source, thus giving every brilliant mind out there an easy, turnkey solution that saves time and let’s you create refreshing and innovative developments.

Anticipating Your Needs

“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.”

Steve Jobs

More Flexibility

Amazon, Uber, and AirB’nB are examples of marketplaces connecting services/products to customers. With our module extension manager, you can create any kind of marketplace.

New Modules

Our team works closely with you to get constant feedback and release new modules that fit your needs.

Version 3.1 – Released

  • Administrator Back Office:
    • Cross-selling per brand, merchant, category
    • Grading merchant relaunching job
    • Creation of a grading module and possibility to add comments on product page
    • Brands page edition
    • Reworking on the claims and repayment module
    • More image format management
    • Users role display
    • Password modification tab
    • Grading merchant module and possibility to add comments on them
    • Management quotations module
    • Logical and definitive reorganization of the menues and its wording
    • Commission bill reworking in the neutral theme
    • Number of request verification per page
    • Products catalog CSV export for campaigns
    • Newsletter subscribers CSV export for campaigns
    • Contacts opt-in CSV export
    • Possibility to upload merchant/customer bill
  • Front Office:
    • Responsive neutral theme
    • Improvement of the search tool
  • System:
    • Deployment kit + getting started
    • “Distributable version NANT packaging script and suppression of the following elements: Optional libs + Unit tests project + specific customer module”
  • Documentation:
    • Functional documentation
    • Technical documentation


Version 3.2 – Released

  • Everywhere:
    • Quality front controllers code proofreading and cleaning
    • Optimizations and load test
    • Cleaning up of the unused tables in database
  • Administrator Back Office:
    • Reworking payment follow-up, billing, commission, merchant VAT
    • Possibility to edit a job
  • Front Office:
    • HTML CSS Integration
      • Platform fully responsive
      • Graphic oprimization of the operator mode
      • Selections list integration
      • Merchant validation page integration
      • Wish list customer page integration
      • Popups standardization
      • Burger menu and search field compression for mobile use
      • Display optimization of tables for mobile use


Version 3.3 – Released

  • Administrator Back Office:
    • General improvement of jobs
    • System alert for failed jobs
    • Possibility to call the job again
  • Front Office:
    • Multilingual and Multicurrency (still in development)
    • Possibility to edit a job



Version 3.4 – Winter 2015

  • Administrator Back Office:
    • User experience and User Interface : Ergonomic reworking
    • Promotions : Private sales, voucher, credit
    • Loyalty program : sponsorship
    • Google analytics integration : advanced tool to integrate easily google analytics
    • Relaunching job for abandoned basket at stage
    • Basic promotional code correction
    • Management selections tools
    • Order is waiting job
    • Selections edition
    • Advanced statistics
  • Front Office:
    • Scoring merchants : Ranking based on the catalog merchant will be provided
    • Possibility to edit a job
  • Global:
    • Abandoned cart : user can be retargeted by mail or on ads for each product in cart
    • Enrich API : new API functionalities
    • Google analytics integration : advanced tool to integrate advanced google analytics functionalities
    • SQL request for merchant payment
    • Azure Cloud Hosting
    • Chat
      • Allow communication between sellers and customers pre-sale and post sale
      • Allow communication between administrators and sellers
      • The administrator can see and control every conversation

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